Zona Líquida: Workspace and focus of innovation

Riba-roja d'Ebre commits, under the "Enxarxa't!" project, to boost co-working and teleworking as an engine of local development and as a tool to boost the economy and entrepreneurial initiatives. Zona Líquida is the visible face of the project and should be not only a shared workspace but a training center, a place for activities and  an incubator of innovative initiatives in general.


Work desk with ergonomic chair and  lockable storage


High speed internet connection.  
Shared network color laser printer.


24/7 access for permanent coworkers


(Ask for conditions)


Coworking Day 2016

Coworking day in 2016 had the rural world as a protagonist. Mora de Ebro hosted the second edition of Coworking Day, the most important event in the calendar of coworkers Catalonia. The conference served to review the main challenges and trends in the sector and it was found that the coworking in rural areas is in full expansion, as opposed to a standstill in large cities.

Meeting urban / rural

Coworkers in rural and urban areas were in Riba-roja d'Ebre to weave networking professionals. The conference included the revitalization of Albert Pujol from Consell Comarcal de la Ribera d'Ebre and member of Cowocat Rural and Jordi Silvente from Alpha Espai Coworking and President of Cowocat.

The story of Pilar

Discover a new way to work and interact professionally: the coworking in the countryside. Synergies, share projects, grow professionally! Follow any day of our colleague Pilar.